During the workshop details will explored of the interconnection and responsibilities of the parties involved which will be explained with a mixture of written content, rich images and case studies.

A full petrochemical transaction will be handled like Sale and Purchase contracts, Terminal handeling, Cargospace chartering, Quantity and Quality assurance during the operations by the Independent Surveyor and last but not least the Financial aspect such as Letter of Credits and all the documents involed.

Further we will look in the scenarios and consequences along the chain in the case of inadequate instructions, assumptions or non-professional dealings.


  • Exploration / Production
  • Storage at the producer, as well as with a public terminal.
  • Sale & Purchase contracts of the product
  • Contracting of transport – Charter parties / COA’s
  • Survey Instructions & execution
  • Documentation – Insurance / Im-Export license / Customs /Letter of Credit
  • Loading operations – Quantity & Quality control
  • Documentation – Survey report / Bill of Lading / Cert of Origin.
  • Transport of the product – Inerting / Heating
  • Discharge operations – Quantity & Quality Ship-Shore
  • Commercial review & analysis

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