Academy Topics

  • Understanding of the Bulk liquid chain and its inter-dependency of the building blocks.
  • Production cost. Purchase & Sales and Swaps of products. Pricing mechanisms.
  • Identify differences among Crude oil, Veg oil, Bio mass and Petrochemicals segments.
  • Contracting of Storage, detailed handling of Chartering cargo space.
  • Logistics such as Storage, Chartering, Quantity & Quality control & Claims.
  • Documents including but not limited to Bill of lading, Surveyreport, Insurancecover
  • Detailed handling of INCOterms, who is responsible at what critical point in the chain.
  • How Laytime & Demurrage is influencing Shippers, Owners and Terminal operators.
  • How Quantity and Quality is ensured all along the chain by the Cargosurveyor
  • Hedging of product & currency, Futures (papertrade), Cargo insurance and claimhandling.
  • Commercial review of a Purchase & Sale transaction from supply till delivery.
  • Lectures are very informative. Workshops are with pro-active interaction. Limited classes.
  • Chatham House rule apply to the course.

Who should attend

  • Port authorities, Financial institutions, Consultants, Research institutions, Supervisors, Survey & Classification companies, Storage companies.
  • Entrant as well experienced professionals of the Bulk Liquid industry who wish to broaden their knowledge and to understand how the segments of the business are inter-connected.
  • Marketing, Sales, Planning, Logistics, Procurement, HR of Storage, Shipping, Production & Trading houses will benefit with a broadened knowledge.  
  • Legal, Banking, Insurance companies, Government and Public sectors interfacing with this industry will be able to discuss matters at ‘eyelevel’ with their partners.