Chartering consultation

Optichem is acting as a Consultant in the field of Voyage and Time chartering as well as in  Contract of Affreightments, consultations were done on behalf of Global Charterers in numerous occasions our consultation resulted in satisfactory results for Charterers as well as Owners.


Mediation activities are performed on Commercial contracts, Charterparty and Demurrage issues it has been proven to be successful because the parties are brought together in an environment where they can freely and confidentially present their situation in front of a neutral third party. As Mediator the attempt will be to limit the issues and put them into right perspective. Neutrality is the key component for success, the final advice to the parties is non-binding in the case of an agreement the advice will be documented for signing and execution by the parties.

Claim guidance

Optichem consults in cases of issues on Cargo damage claims, Charterparty affairs as well in matters of Commercial Contract differences, in many occasions matters have been advised, resolved and cleared satisfactorily.

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