Purchase price, Sales price, Freight, Gross margin, Shortage, Laytime calculation, Demurrage, Miscellaneous cost, Paper hedge will be considered for a Net Margin calculation.

Preliminary Shoretank measurement, Comparison Received quantity versus Bill of Lading quantity. Shortage, Letter of Protest, Shoretank sampling / analysis and final Shoretank measurements and possible claims will be discussed in this module.

Ship’s measurement / Sampling / analysis, Manifold sampling, Empty Shoretank / Line quality checks, Backpressure, Empty cargotank certificate, disconnection hoses. Timeline comparison.

Shoretank / Line inspection or Measurement & Sampling, ‘Terminal – Cargosurveyor – Vessel’ link, Notice of Readiness, Bill of Lading presentation, Letter of Indemnity, Is vessel already on demurrage? Is Berth available?

Upon completion of loading the Vessel and Owners will transport and deliver the cargo as per the contracted terms such as Cargo heating, Nitrogen blanket. Owners should receive sealed loading samples and inhibitor certificate in the case of inhibited cargoes.  ...