The ‘Seminar, Workshop and Training contains many aspects in which  most of you do play your role. The well-known ‘link’ in the chain. Our comprehensive overview and useful insights directly from industry expert tutor is the key factor of our program allowing you to better understand the process of the Bulk Liquid chain.


The value chain commences at Production till to the End-consumer but is completed only after fulfillment of the financials. The Bulk Liquid chain contains  many segments, aspects and participants. All will be dealt with including their interconnection.


After production finished products are stored at the Producer or at a Public terminal. Commercial Purchase & Sales contracts will change the ownership how about the title of the goods, who is responsible till what point?  Purchase and Sales contracts can be based simply on INCO terms for delivery terms but often contain complex clauses, protecting the interest of the parties involved, all will be discussed.


Contracting  Storage and Shipping space is a highly skilled business. Deepsea deliveries involves Chartering of ship’s space. Chartering is discussed in-depth, what is a Charterparty?  Which type of Charter parties are used? Laytime, Demurrage and the role of the Shipping broker? All will be handled in detail.


The Supplier of the goods must comply with all regulations, provide a Safe Berth, supply the cargo as per the commercial contract. This all should not be in contradiction with the terms of the Charterparty, these complexities are discussed.


Transporting the product involves loading operations by Terminals, Surveyors ensuring the agreed Quality and assessment of Bill of Lading quantity. Proper and non-contradicting instructions will ensure a proper operation avoiding demurrage claims. How do we avoid unclarities?


The Vessel upon completion of the voyage will deliver the goods which will take place under the supervision of the Cargo Surveyor. After completion of discharge the vessel completed her duties as agreed under the Charterparty. Cargo surveyors will assess Quantity and Quality during and after the discharge operation and report same on an online basis to their principals who will review if all is received as per the Commercial contracts, if not claims need to be issued. The whole operation will be handled in detail.


Claims, could arise from off-specification of the product on arrival, after discharge or short delivery versus the Bill of lading quantity, who should be involved? Demurrage claims could occur, Owners might claim Charterers in turn Charterers will seek recourse with the Supplier or Receivers, how to handle the claim, which party is responsible? Which law is applicable ? these and more will be handled in detail.


Above shows that all parties involved Suppliers, Terminals, Charterers, Owners, Surveyors and Receivers are somehow connected but on many occasions it’s not clear if the connection has a legal status or where does one’s responsibility start and where does it end. It will be explained.


With a wealth of experience in the Bulk Liquid chain we can let you look sideways, show you the loopholes to let you better understand your part and responsibilities in the chain which will be in favor of your future decision making process.


Harry Chr. Ausems is the owner of Optichem (Europe) b.v. a Service & Consultancy a company in the Netherlands. After mastering a technical education in Rotterdam, Harry started in the oil and petrochemical environment and did assignments in Singapore and the Middle East and held several Management positions with International Trading houses & Refining and Production companies.

Harry has served as Managing Director for over 30 years with different companies in the field of Trading and Commodity, Distribution, Commerce, Finance, Logistic & Chartering and has held Board position at several companies. 

Nowadays he acts as a Lecturer sharing his know how of the full Bulk Liquid chain as well as a Mediator / Counselor on Commercial contracting, Charter party and Logistic matters.